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It’s Seed Starting Time!!!

March 12, 2015
Photo Credit: Charity Grimes Bauman

Photo Credit: Charity Grimes Bauman

Finally! It’s that time of year again – we can finally begin starting seeds indoors.  It’s still winter outside, but the promise of spring is just weeks away. Indoor seed starting is the first chance of the year to start opening your vegetable seed packets, and get your hands dirty.  You’ll also get a head start on your vegetable garden, have more choices of plant varieties, and save money.

This blog has covered many different aspects of seed starting over there years, so check out the links below for all the information you need to get started.

Indoor Vegetable Seed Starting– Details on the supplies you need to get started, and step-by-step directions for starting seeds.

Indoor Seed Starting Calendar– Dates for when to start different types of vegetable seeds for earliest harvests.

Choosing and starting seeds can also be a fun activity for kids.  For tips on involving the whole family with starting seeds, explore these posts:

Starting Seeds– Tips for having young helpers start seeds, and ideas for creative recycled pots.

Seed Starting for the Junior Scientist – How to start seeds in a Root View, a fun and educational project.

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