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Getting Crafty in the Garden

June 2, 2014

Do you feel like your garden could use a makeover? Wondering what to do with the things that have collected around your house over the year? Reusing items from your house or business is a great way to liven up any garden space. Repurposing items like forks, cork tops, glass bottles, sporting balls (cut in half), and even moving pallets will give use to the clutter that often collects over time.

Summer crafting and recycling/upcycling projects can be used for practical gardening space, for adding color, for labeling plants or for adding elements of whimsy! These projects can be simple or more involved but ones that the whole family can participate in.

twig stakesSome great kid-friendly examples of garden projects would be making recycled plant labels. This can be as simple as painting rocks. Painting with stencils is fun, too. Stencils open up options for label design! The signs themselves can include recused material, for instance broken clay pots, twigs, the tops of tin cans, even bricks. Other examples of recycled plant labels include using utensils such as forks and knives; they can act as stakes to hold a sign, cork for example. Another example of whimsical reuse is the placement of colorful glass bottles throughout the garden.  These bottles can be used for decoration and fun sculptures that catch the light. They can also be used to line garden beds and pathways!

bottle border

Do you have limited space in the garden but bare walls that could be used? Planters made from pallets provide a great way to use the vertical space in your garden or porch.

Needed: pallet, hose, sand paper, landscaping cloth, staple gun, soil and plants

  • pallet planterSteps to transforming a pallet into a planter start with cleaning. Hose down the pallet and let the wood dry. (Use heat-treated wood to avoid the chemicals used in the traditional-treated pallets).
  • Sand down any rough edges-
  • Landscaping cloth can be used to seal the ends and back, this will hold the soil. Measure the pieces of landscaping cloth needed and staple in place.
  • Position the pallet and fill the compartments with soil. Plant choice is important since space is limited.
  • Visit the site below for more details-

Happy crafting!


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