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April Challenge: Try Something New

March 3, 2014

Are you new to Homegrown Challenges?  If so, click here for more information.

Photo Credit: Gabe Tilove

Photo Credit: Gabe Tilove

This first month, we challenge you to try something new!  As both eaters and gardeners, we can get stuck in routines of eating or growing the same things.  While it’s great to have our favorites, there are so many varieties of plants, fruits and vegetables to try and enjoy!  In trying new foods we may discover new flavors, have fun exploring, or add a new healthy food to our cooking routines.  Come summer you can find unique varieties of vegetables at your local farmer’s market, but for even more options, plant your own!

Follow the April challenges below to try something new.  When you do, snap a photo* and let us know.  Submitted challenges count towards admission to a free celebration at Phipps Conservatory, and entry into this month’s drawing!  This month you could win four free passes to Phipps, or a Cooking with Kids cookbook.

TASTE: Buy and prepare a fruit or vegetable you (or your children) haven’t tasted before.

Look at the market for in season produce.  Have you ever tried arugula, asparagus, fava beans, or fennel?

GARDEN: Plant a variety of vegetable you haven’t grown before.

Look into heirloom varieties, or visit a local seed library.  Check out our Garden Resources for more sources of seeds and seedlings

VISIT: Go to a garden center or plant nursery.

These are great places to find inspiration for your garden, pick up a few new plants, and find any tools or supplies you need for the growing season.  Click here for a list of Phipps recommended nurseries.

MAKE: Start (or expand) a garden! 

If you have lots of space or just a windowsill, you can grow food: build a raised bed, set up containers, grow herbs, or plant a fruit tree.  Find tips on starting a garden of any size here.

Have another idea?  If you have an idea for a different activity, or you want to take it a step further, go ahead!  Just send us a description and photo, and if it relates to the theme we’ll count it.

All submissions should be sent to, and include a photo*, your name, and the challenge(s) you completed.

*By submitting an image, each user agrees Phipps shall have a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free license to the image submitted (including all rights embodied therein) and that Phipps, and their respective designees may edit, modify, post, creative derivatives work of and distribute the image and all elements of such image, including, without limitation, the names and likenesses of any persons or locations embodied therein, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, including for advertising and marketing, without compensation or notification to, or permission from, entrant or any third party. Credit to photographers will be printed in any and all use cases. Phipps does not guarantee the posting of any image and reserves the right to take down any image at any time.

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