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Growing Veggie Soup and Creative Minds

January 20, 2014

Reading colorful story books with your children and eating vegetable soup are great ways to spend your time while indoors for the winter.

The children’s book Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert is a perfect combination of the two. This nationally acclaimed book explains the process of growing vegetables, starting from seed all the way to making a pot of soup. A child gathers tools, plants seeds and sprouts, then watches their growth. When the vegetables are ripe, they get picked and pulled, then cut up and cooked into soup! The colorful pictures and vegetable identification provide not only an educational spin on the story but allow children to see a process from start to finish. Not to mention presenting vegetables in a manner that is appealing and could start anticipation for the growing season! A recipe is included to make vegetable soup at the end of the book.

winter soupSome of the vegetables included in this story are carrots, celery, onion and potatoes, many of which can be grown in containers and are seasonable this time of year. And all of these vegetables are known to be good for heart health!

But that is not all. A story, soup and some crafting can all be part of a day’s fun. Once the vegetables are prepared for soup, the excess parts of the vegetables can be used for creative vegetable stamps.

Vegetable stamps are fun and eco-friendly. The ends of potatoes (when carved), onion and celery leave especially cool patterns when dipped in paint. Try your hand at some new stamping art and leave a lasting memory of a day spent with loved ones.

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