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Start Seeds for Summer and Fall Harvest

June 21, 2012

Plant onions in the garden now as bulbs (onion sets) for quick results.                                                        Usually sold in small bags or loose, by weight, plant them about 2” apart about 1” deep for scallions, or space further apart and plant deeper if you want to let them grow to full size onions.

Cucumber seeds, zucchini and other squash seeds as well as bush beans can all still be planted directly in the garden.  They will grow quickly with the warm soil and air temperatures.

Plant in full sun in well-drained soil and keep the soil evenly moist, making sure the garden gets at least 1” of water per week, whether by rain or watered by you.

A great project for kids is to have them help you measure how much rain falls in your garden.  You can purchase a rain gauge, or simply recycle a few containers, such as soup cans, and place them around the garden to measure rain fall.  Add together the totals each week to decide if you need  to apply more water to the garden.

You can plant seeds over the next few weeks for a fall crop of some of the cool season vegetables.  Broccoli, cabbage and lettuce can be started on a sunny windowsill to be planted out in the garden later in July and August. They will grow and produce as temperatures cool down in late summer and early fall.  Use an organic seed starting mix and plant to the depth recommended on the seed packet. Make sure to use containers with drainage holes so excess water can drain, and keep the soil evenly moist.  Placing a baggy over the container until seeds sprout will create a mini greenhouse and make it easier to keep soil moist.

Go to our planting guide for a complete list of when to plant other vegetables.


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