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Bolting Lettuce, Flowering Broccoli, and Blueberries

June 21, 2012

Bolting Lettuce

How is your garden growing?  With this hot weather, you may see bolting of some of your cool season crops, such as lettuce, that have not yet been harvested.  Broccoli flowers may also quickly appear.  Once this happens, these vegetables will acquire a bitter taste.  With broccoli, cut off the main head and allow small side shoots to develop.  Keep an eye on them and be sure to harvest them before they also go to flower.Begin harvesting  as soon as fruits and vegetables are ready.  Picking crops such as beans and strawberries regularly will help to ensure production over a longer period of time.

Mulch beds now with 1 – 2” of organic material such as leaf mulch, compost or straw now if you have not already done so to help keep soil evenly moist and maintain an even temperature.

Plastic netting keeps birds from eating your reipening blueberries

Are you growing blueberries?  In addition to their delicious, nutritious fruit, they make great ornamental shrubs. Grow them in sun to light shade in moist, acidic soil.  It is important to keep the soil evenly moist, especially as they are becoming established.  Blueberries should be ripening soon.  Pick them regularly to enjoy the freshest berries and beat the birds to them.  If the birds have already discovered your bushes, you may want to use bird netting to protect the bushes.

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