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Planning Your Summer Garden

April 25, 2012

Some families may have gotten a jump on the garden, having already planted cool weather vegetables. If not, do not worry, the spring is a great time to start planning for your summer garden! Remember those seeds you saved last fall? Well it is time to put them back into action.

When preparing for the summer’s bounty consider 1. What size garden you want and how much time do you have to take care of it?  It’s usually a good idea to start small. 2. What types of fruits and veggies do you and the family want to snack on? 3. Do you want flowers in the garden?  Don’t have a yard?  Don’t fret. Container gardening is fun and is a great way to grow many delicious edible plants.

Garden preparations can include preparing the planting beds, starting a compost pile and collecting gardening supplies. Children’s gardening tools are a great way to entice the kids into the garden. They come in bright colors, are sturdy and are the appropriate size, making it easy for children to handle shovels, trowels and buckets!

Planting a themed garden bed or container is also an effective way to create interest in the garden. Do you like salsa? Great! This is the perfect place to start for summer. Planting tomatoes, peppers and herbs together is not only going to make for some tasty summer dishes but is a perfect example of companion planting. Planting tomatoes with herbs helps to repel aphids, and herbs, particularly basil, are said to improve the taste of tomatoes. For more information about container gardening visit some of our previous blog posts. Happy planning!

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