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Winter Haikus

January 12, 2012

The winter months are a perfect time to tap into your inner artist! Poetry can be a fun way to reflect and pay homage to what it is you love about nature!

Haiku poems are a great way to teach children about the basics of writing poetry and syllable counts.

Children are very creative and receptive to their environments. Encourage them to think about: what they love about the seasons, playing outside, flowers, and the cycles of gardening, their favorite vegetable, or any other nature related subject.

The structure of the Japanese Haiku poems is as follows:

  • Have 3 lines (the first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 syllables, the last has 5 again)
  • Refer to nature and experiences
  • Poems can be happy, sad, humorous, etc

Winter rainy day

Playing in the big puddles

Water everywhere

Soil mounds so dark

Picking fresh red tomatoes

Tasty snack from earth

Children’s poetry books are a great way to experience poetry with your child. Kenn Nesbitt and Shel Silverstein are two of the many children’s poetry authors whose books are fun and enjoyed by many!

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