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Magee Organic Gardens

July 15, 2010

Through a collaboration with Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and with a generous grant from The Heinz Endowments, organic edible gardens have sprouted up in various locations at Magee-Women’s Hospital. The staff at Magee and Phipps Conservatory worked together to design planting schemes for three existing interior courtyards. The designs include herbs, vegetables and healing and sensory plants. Many of the plants chosen for the design are part of the Phipps Recommended Top 10 Sustainable Plants program. These low-maintenance plants were chosen for their ability to thrive in an organic garden environment, such as the one at Magee which will utilize minimal water and fertilizer applications, and no pesticides.

The new gardens, planted in the existing Gift Shop Courtyard, the Labor and Delivery Courtyard and the Turtle and Fish Pond Courtyard, not only provide healthy ingredients for the food prepared in Magee’s food service program, but also offer healthy and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces for staff, visitors and patients to enjoy. As a way to expand on their existing sustainability initiatives which include organic and locally grown food in their foodservice program, Magee decided to grow some of their own produce on the hospital’s premises. Additionally, mothers and babies can be sure that they will not be exposed to harmful chemicals found in pesticides used to grow non-organic produce.

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